In episode four, Crusoe and Oakley the #Dachshunds are doing a parody of none other than one of their favorite movies, #Ghostbusters !

The dogs are dressed in their adorable, 100% handmade #Halloween costumes of the Ghostbusters outfits, and even the Ghostmobile car. A lot of work went into the props and costumes for this special Halloween wiener dog edition!

The video starts where a girl is playing fetch with her golden retriever named Dylon. She throws the bar too far and it goes in the window of a haunted house. She goes in looking for her dog’s ball, but comes across a GHOST, so she screams and runs out, and runs to her car to call the Ghost-WIENER-Busters!

Crusoe and Oakley are in the Ghostwienerbusters headquarters when they get the alarm, so they go sliding down the fireman’s pole to race for the Ghostmobile. They hop in and go cruising towards the scene of the Ghost, but of course they have to sing their own parody version of the Ghostbusters theme song along the way!

They arrive to the haunted house and go creeping through it, a little scared themselves at first, but pushing through. After all, this video was filmed at Saunders Farm in Ottawa at their Haunted House attraction, so major thanks to them for allowing us to film there and use their Haunted House. https://saundersfarm.com

Finally the dogs come across the Ghost, dubbed a Ghostwiener, and use their Ghostbuster tools to capture the ghost for good!

BUT.. wait for the ending scene to see how it was all an imagination! Turns out, it was just Crusoe and Oakley the dachshunds trying to capture their little sister Daphne in a make-believe play time scenario!

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