Fantastic 56v Ego Hedge Trimmer And Puppies

Just bought and used an Ego Ht2410e hedge trimmer on my 250m garden hedge. Fantastic power from this 56 volt Brushless motor. This is a single speed hedge cutter with a 61cm blade and a 26mm cut. It just keeps cutting and does not slow down as i push hard into the hedge. The battery just keeps going and I got over 100m of my 2 meter wide hedge clipped with power to spare. This is the first 56 volt tool I have bought and the power is impressive. Runs like it was powered by an engine running on a 2 stroke petrol mix.
Amazon UK
Riello RDB Burner
Waste Oil Burner Nozzle assembly
Diesel Air heater
Sip 40 amp Plasma cutter
200 amp Tig welder
18v Makita tool Kit
Waste oil burner Nozzle assembly
Diesel Air Heater
Sony A6400
200 amp Tig welder
18v Makita tool Kit
40 amp Plasma cutter
My Gear used in this video.
Sony A6400
Lav mic
Hero 8 black
Hero 7 black
Takstar Shotgun Mic
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