German Shepherd Puppies – Long Coat

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Long haired German Shepherds are a unique variant of the ever-popular short to medium length coated Shepherds. The difference between the breed’s coat has little effect on the breed. Rough coated dogs are considered special due to the rarity and beauty of their fur.
Widely considered a recessive trait, long-haired Shepherds were rejected from competition until recently and were even disliked by the father of modern Shepherds: Max Von Stephanitz.
The GSD is no stranger to having unique coloring and coat combinations, as the blue german shepherd has become popular, along with the black GSD, white GSD and even a red coat GSD. Let’s look into what makes the long coat german shepherd so special.

German Shepherd Overview

The original forebears of the German Shepherd came into recognition when they were exhibited in 1882 and were previously cataloged as “German Sheepdogs.” The Phylax Society became the first club that focused on these dogs and their breeding capabilities. Even though they made great strides in standardizing these dogs, they quickly disbanded in 1894.

Vereinfur Deutsche Schaferhund” or the German Shepherd Dog Club was founded in 1899 by the president Max von Stephanitz. His decisive and robust view of what direction a breed should take has led to the origin of multiple different dog breeds, including both the Shepherd and the Malinois. He wasn’t interested in the look of the dog, but found beauty in how the dog could be used for working purposes. This led to the Shepherd breed being among the most intelligent, strong, and hardest working.
Long Haired German Shepherds

The rarity of the long hair arises from the recessive gene that was meant to be bred out of the bread entirely. Previously considered as an unfortunate consequence to inbreeding, the coat can now be found from selective mating and attention to parenting. The origins of the long-haired variant march in line with their typical, short-haired cousins.

Von Stephanitz stated that long silky hair was often associated with a refined head and often had no undercoat. This would cause the part along the back of the breed to form pockets of moisture when it rained, which let to drenched skin. The long silky or shaggy hair was also likely to mat, get frozen during winter, and get hard with dirt if not properly taken care of.
He viewed long hair too much trouble for what it’s worth. If it was possible to breed long hair out of the Shepherd or to actively breed their short to medium hair counter-part this would be preferred as long hair lacked the density and protection from all elements.
A balance would be necessary for the coat of the average Shepherd, as “coats must be judged simply from the point of view of serviceability because otherwise such dogs are not of importance for the breed.” The focus was more on the undercoats protection and the length as the medium haired German Shepherds were easier to take care of and therefore made better working dogs.

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