HE STOLE MY DOG so I Survived the World’s Dirtiest


After Chad Wild Clay made “Is Vy Qwaint Kissing Other Boys?”, Vy Qwaint created “Are They DATING in SECRET? Vy Qwaint Spies on Daniel & Regina”, Daniel Gizmo uploaded “Guess WHO Has a Secret Boyfriend or Girlfriend on an iPhone Dating App”, the Spy Ninjas create a brand new weapon to take down the PZ Killer! Combined with the tips and tricks Alie gave in the previous episode, the Spy Ninjas create a plan to lure the PZ Killer to the safe house and rescue Douglas! Using the “Energy Drainer” they plan to drain the battery and get rid of this evil villain once and for all! The Spy Ninjas decide to test out the Energy Drainer on a microwave in the backyard and it goes terribly wrong! Melvin and Vy decide to work on the weapon to make it more powerful. Chad, Regina and Daniel decide to go down the bunker and turn on an old World War 2 generator that will give the safe house more power to successfully turn the weapon on and defeat the PZ Killer. Daniel gets selected to go down the bunker, and through abandoned tunnels, except gets misdirected by Chad and Regina and he ends up going down some sewage tunnels! Daniel’s character Mr. Clean gets splashed with poo poo water, undigested food, and tons of gross stuff! After Mr. Clean dies in the tunnels, he successfully turns on the generator. The Spy Ninjas test the Energy Drainer one more time only to get interrupted by the PZ Killer who shows up at the front door! Do they stop the PZ Killer? Does the weapon successfully work?! Leave a comment below! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!

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