Boy dis punkin sure is heavy haha
Hey no filming in here I said turn dat thing off
Good marnieing
My cp 2 good
Chips ahoy matey
The March 4 Snax 2k16
Commuting home
Eh, snax?
Haha yeah no I’m not a bb
Ice cream day (happy 2 b lactose tolerant)
Stretching it out
Nice ice tank u
Hehe so crunchie
I nailed it
Furniture & meatballs wow!
I’m a spinach wrap
I’m a baseballer now
Riding the ‘scalator (that means escalator haha)
I love Mexican nite
Wait u not a dog
I’m coming out
Elevator down pls
Office supplies yay
I’m soaking wet omg
Hi Exsqueeze me, I’m going 4 my walk
This is freakin awesome wow
A kitchen surprise!
I’m doing the waltz haha lol
Oh, word?
Getting ready 4 the club haha lol
Let’s start this year off right (with a treat pls)
Buying so many things haha
Yes pls proceed
Shake it off haha lol amirite
It’s really fun u gotta try it!!
Make sure ur filming this
Buying stuff 4 my cat haha
Haha ya I am!! Lolol
At the RiFF RAFF concert (I has earplugs)
Hehe ok got the treat gnite thanks 4 watching
I’m so cute rite?? Now gimme snax
Hand it over, lady.
Return of the bae
Pass me the snackies
Drama class
You rang?
Where’s the beef?
When bae comes home
Loitering in Chinatown
Wutcha gonna do?
I’m so EGG-cited!!!!
Running errands