Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

Can dogs sleep in your bed? Should I let my dog sleep with me? The answer is personal but the majority of pet owners do allow co-sleeping. In fact over 80% of cat and dog owners co-sleep with their pets.

Every situation is different – so play it by ear. Considerations include health, sleep quality, and dog training.

Considering sleep quality
In terms of sleep quality we should only co-sleep with a dog if they are crate trained (or the equivalent) and sleeping happily by themselves. We don’t want to trigger or increase separation anxiety.

For us humans – we can’t sleep with a dog who wakes us up every 30 minutes! Sleep hygiene and quality is SO important – if your dog is a distraction or disruption then they need to not sleep in your bed.

Training considerations
With regards to training
– only a potty trained dog can sleep in your bed
– don’t allow an aggressive or dominating dog to sleep in your bed
– don’t allow a dog that wakes up to bark at things to co-sleep
– your dog must not try and sleep on your head – they must respect you enough to give you space

Health considerations
In terms of health we want to make the we don’t catch anything nasty from our dog. It mostly goes from dogs to humans not the other way round. Routine Vet visits and a healthy diet will have this covered.

In terms of hygiene – we need to think about regular grooming and claw maintenance. We don’t want to stink (or be scratched). Some dogs also are not super clean with their bathroom business and we should be cautious with these particular pups.

For more information and stats about dogs and sleeping
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