Walking Your Dog: You Both Get the Health Benefits

Walking your four-footed best friend provides both of you with more health benefits than you may realize. Just as with people, lack of regular exercise can lead to obesity and related health issues in dogs. Skipping the walks can also contribute to canine behavior problems. As we recognize National Walk Your Dog Week, now is a great time for dog owners to make regular walks part of their routine.

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[woman walking her dog]

[Speaker 1]
Walking your four footed best friend provides you both with more health benefits than you may realize.

[Jennifer Young, M.D., Primary Care Physician]
The American Heart Association has put forth some guidelines for us to be able to achieve that what they consider to be the optimum amount of exercise. And they recommend that all of us get 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, and owning a dog and walking a dog can easily help you achieve that goal.

[Dee Hoult]
The benefits that dogs get from walking on a leash go far beyond physical exercise. It really helps to walk your dog to prevent behavior issues, because regular walks provide your dog with an outlet to just relieve stress.

[Speaker 1]
But what if walking your dog turns into a drag? Literally.

[Dee Hoult, Certified Professional Dog Trainer]
Leash training is definitely one of the hardest things, I think, that I see dog owners struggle with. The biggest complaint is that their dog pulls really hard against the leash. There are what I like to call dog training cheats. Your options are a head halter for really strong pullers, or a front clip harness for dogs that are maybe medium to mild pullers. So you can quickly get out there if you have the right equipment, and immediately today start enjoying walks with your dog.

[Dogs going through training]

[Jennifer Young]
Having a dog is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. I have a dog, Judy, and she loves to get outside and watch. It’s just makes her so happy. And when you’ve got this dog who is super cute already, and then gets really excited to go outside and walk, it makes it easy.

[Dogs playing and walking]

[Jennifer Young]
Overall, from your physical health to lowering your risk of diabetes, lowering your risk of depression, lowering your risk of heart disease, improving your emotional health, it just is an overall prescription for health for walking your dog.

[Baptist Health South Florida]

[End Transcript]






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