Why Is My Dog SO Itchy

If your dog has started scratching then today’s video is for you as I answer the question “Why is my dog so itchy?” by running through the top 5 causes of itching in dogs!

Your dog might be losing hair, they might have red, inflamed skin or covered in scabs. Well, we can break down the causes of itching in dogs into 5 main categories:
1 – Infections: these can be bacterial, fungal or yeast and affect anywhere on the body or ears. Generally, there is an underlying cause that needs investigating, especially if the problem keeps coming back.
2 – Anal gland disease: causes scooting or rubbing the bum on the floor. It also causes nibbling and scratching around the thighs, back and tail base
3 – Parasites: Fleas are the most common problem by a long way but, mites and lice can also cause a lot of itching and scratching in dogs
4 – Skin problems: dry skin or greasy skin can be inherently itchy. Like infections, there is often an underlying issue like a problem in the diet or hormonal disease
5 – Allergic skin disease. This is the biggest cause of repeated episodes of itchiness and scratching in dogs. The 3 main types are flea allergic dermatitis, atopy or atopic dermatitis (think of this a bit like a dog version of hayfever), and food allergies. There are also contact allergies and allergies to insect bites or stings.

Whatever is causing your dog to be so itchy, it is important that the main reason is diagnosed properly as each different cause will need to be treated, managed and then prevented in a different way. Getting an accurate diagnosis is really important

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